The 2012 Tailgate Themes:

Game 1: Michigan vs. Alabama (Arlington, Texas) 9/1/2012 8PM

The Texas BBQ

(UPDATED 8/29) We phoned it in, and someone is picking it up....the BBQ that is.  You will find us somewhere in the grassy perimeter comforts of Lot 11 outside of JerryLand from noon until kickoff.  Bring ice.  If you don't bring ice you're an asshole.  And bring your own drinks, I'm not your mother.

Game 2: Michigan vs. Air Force 9/8/2012 3:30PM

The All-American

This theme made it's first appearance in 2008, breaking the previous tradition of first game Luau themes because of what happened the first week of 2007.  This year, we will celebrate the opponent for their service to the good ol' USA.  Red, white and BLUE attire and decor will be on display, as will some classic American fare...think burgers, dogs, ribs and the like.

Game 3: Michigan vs. UMASS 9/15/2012 3:30PM

The Chappaquiddick Seafood Festival

Party like a member of Bon Jovi, drink like a Kennedy, and eat shellfish like you don't have an iodine aversion.  Not a lot of attire options here, but bonus points for any hot chicks that show up in Marilyn gear, or if you arrive at the tailgate in an experimental plane.  Food will be items that once swam or are considered bi-valves.  

Game 4:  Michigan at Notre Dame 9/22/2012 7:30PM

Party at The Godfather's

There will be themed T-shirts.  There will be vodka-red bull shots.  There will be more drinking than ever.  All of it is a prelude to Notre Dame trying to copy the magic that Michigan's night game created last year.  If you are reading this and wondering if you are invited to this exclusive soiree let me assure're not.

Game 5: Michigan at Purdue 10/6/2012 4:00PM

The Possible Winnebago

Michigan fans travel to the Big Ten's worst stadium to gaze upon West Lafayette's Biggest Drum. This may or may not be our 2012 Winnebago trip.  I'm currently gauging interest, so please contact me if you want to sleep in uncomfortable places with a bunch of smelly dudes.

Game 6: Michigan vs. Illinois (Homecoming) 10/13/2012 3:30PM

The Old School and Churrasco

Wear your high school colors (but bring some Michigan gear to change into for gametime of course), and bring your old photos, yearbooks, home movies, underwear with holes in it....basically anything that we can use to determine your age without asking.  This theme is used to reminisce, to look back to a better time, and most importantly, to study the mistakes of most of the old people at the tailgate so the youngsters can avoid similar pitfalls.  Food will be a take on Brazillian Steakhouse BBQ, or Churrasco.  Lots of meats, lots of good side dishes, lots of meats.  Did I mention that there would be meat?

Game 7: Michigan vs. Michigan State 10/20/2012 Time TBA

The Bacon

First appearing just two seasons ago, The Bacon Tailgate is just what it sounds like.  We will celebrate all things bacon.  Bacon attire is a plus, but plan on getting some stains on your digs as you get knuckle-deep in a variety of bacon-laden cuisine before we send Sparty home without Paul Bunyon.

Game 8: Michigan at Nebraska 10/27/2012 8PM

No Theme Yet

It's a long way from home, a new stadium, and a new group of dipshits to deal with.  Unsure of our surroundings, parking, etc....we'll play this one by ear.

Game 9: Michigan at Minnesota 11/3/2012 Time TBA

No Theme Yet

Again, a long way from home.  Again, a new stadium.  Fortunately, we're dealing with a broken fanbase and a team that we beat 58-0 last year.  But we don't know where we'll end up, so stay tuned.

Game 10: Michigan vs. Northwestern 11/10/12 Time TBA

Theme: The Sweet Home Chicago

Somebody call Fry Daddy Frank, because we're gonna need some Portillo's.  Food will include Italian Beef sandwiches, Chicago Style Dogs, and anything else you can think of from the heart of the Windy City.

Game 11: Michigan vs. Iowa 11/17/12 Time TBA

Theme: The Turkeys

After a year off from frying some birds, we will celebrate the arrival of the Hawkeyes by dropping some flavor-injected birds in boiling oil.  Traditional Thanksgiving sides will likely make an appearance.

Game 12: Michigan at Ohio State 11/24/12 Noon

Theme: The Survival

Haven't won in Columbus since 2000.  Haven't been in Columbus coming off a win since 2004.  The bee's nest has been kicked, and this will effectively be their bowl game.  All of that adds up to a morning spent parking far away, avoiding eye contact and flying poo.  Should be great.