Way Back When-sday Has Seen Michigan Win in Iowa


October 22, 2005: The crew gathers before Michigan’s 23-20 victory over the Hawkeyes. This was the first back to back wins of the season, moving Michigan to 3-2 in the Big Ten and 5-3 overall. That’s all kinds of meh. I had kind of forgotten about the details of the 2005 Wolverines and their 7-5 season, the worst under Lloyd Carr. Interesting year that included losing the little brown jug at home and that Alamo Bowl loss to Nebraska, but also included nipping MSU in East Lansing in OT, and battling a top 10 OSU team, leading them by 9 with less than 8 minutes to play before choking it away.

Way Back When-sday Pic of the Week

Please note:  This level of posting frequency will not be maintained...but if you spend any time here, you know that.  It seems the internet is all a buzz with pictures of the drunken fat man passed out in front of a pile of beans, so if you are here for the first time gawking at my manliness, welcome.  Anyway....

northern illinois 127.jpg

Pushing this WBW out a little early for historical anniversary purposes...  On this date (September 3rd) in 2005, Michigan defeated Northern Illinois 33-17, and both Bubba and Stephen became the first members of our group to cross the century mark for consecutive home and away games.  Stephen hasn't missed one since, and Bubba has missed only one (and only because he was in the hospital).  

Stephen broke the 200 game mark at last year's Outback Bowl, and it hasn't been properly recognized...so I will recognize it here.  RECOGNIZE:  The last game he missed was the Outback Bowl at the end of the 1996 season.  Wow.

Hats off to the both of them, and GO BLUE!