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Mr. Robinson's Michigan Defense 2009
Now that "we" have spoken, and are rallying behind our coach and for our team, it becomes obvious that we must "All be in for Michigan". As much as we might wish and hope, a new tailgate location and our rally cries will not be enough. As we inch closer to the first the first battle here are a few of the fellas that will be backing up the Webmasters spirit with some old fashioned "wood layin". Without further ado, your Game #1 Defensive Primer.

# 55, Senior, Brandon Graham DE

BG returns to anchor the squad from the DE position and will be moved around the field and given opportunities to play upright in one of variety of cleverly named spots in a "hybridish" style. The move by new D.C. Greg Robinson will allow Graham to contribute all over the field as opposed to mainly behind the LOS. Look for Graham to lead the team onto the field and escort the opponents off the field with hard hits while he adds to his 19 career sacks while raising is NFL stock as well. The Detroit Crockett Rocket will build upon his UM legacy by improving on his 2nd team All Big Ten and Bo Schembechler Team MVP performance of 2008. Although he is not the "Spinner" I dream of at 6'2/265, he should have quarterbacks Tim Hiller and Jimmy Clausen's heads' spinning.

# 45, RS Junior, Obi Ezeh LB 

Obi is coming off a quality '08 campaign where he was named All Big Ten HM. For the past two seasons Ezeh has led the team in tackles and will most likely make that streak 3 seasons while anchoring the Wolverines at the MLB position. Obi has been given the distinguished honor of being put on the 2009 Butkus Award watch list and will definitely be a centerpiece to what is shaping up to be one of the best defenses in the Big Ten this season. Look for some increased leadership as opposing running backs will realize that the mouth guard and facemask were necessary in maintaining their facial anatomy when they run into or across the middle against UM and Obi in 2009.

# 3, Senior, Stevie Brown LB

Stevie B. has been one of the most talked about defenders during the offseason as he is making the move from Safety to the Linebacker or second "hybrid" slot under G. Rob. His propensity for huge hits should only increase as he is asked to support the run earlier in the action as well as drop into coverage. With a lack of depth at the LB position and two lock down corners this could prove to be a wise move schematically. I anticipate a big year from #3 in both tackles and interceptions, you should too.

# 68, Sophomore, Mike Martin DT

With the departure of one of UMTailgates favorite players in TT, (until this week that is), we will witness the emergence of MM. Mike Martin already showed moments of brilliance last season as a true freshmen and looks to establish himself as the leagues premiere nose tackle/D-linemen. The Four Star recruit from Detroit Catholic Central seems to be a guy that is going to play at one speed all the time and that is what we will need for success with our thin numbers on the D-Line. So get ready for the Double M chants. (Maybe M squared?)

# 6, Junior, Donovan Warren CB

Donny is a NFL to be cornerback and if you think he 'fell off ' a bit last year, it was undoubtedly due to him being injured. Donovan will re-emerge to eliminate an entire 1/2 of the field and make life alot easier and enjoyable for the aforementioned defenders.  So if its halftime and your saying, where has #6 been?  Thats a good thing!  If some jack-in-the-box QB, ie. Hiller and Clausen to begin with, try to throw at him, we probably will have the ball back.

So there is your quick primer on returning stars the entire depth chart via the Michigan Daily is here

Others to watch for:

#33, Sophomore, Boubacar Cissoko CB:  Should be bang or bust playing opposite a healthy Warren, I vote BANG

#58, RS Sophomore, Brandon Herron LB:  Will he emerge or will true freshmen C. Roh steal time here?  Big ?

#8, RS Junior, Jonas Mouton LB:  Similar situation as Herron, need at least one of two to be real solid

The Sons of Stars:

#29, Junior, Troy Woolfolk S:  Dad was UM All American, can he step in to fill void at safety?

#31, RS Sophomore, Jared Van Slyke S:  Dad was All-Star for Cards and Pirates, son needs to be big hitter w/o bat.

The True Freshmen

#88 Craig Roh OLB:  Pushing for starting spot, projects to be good, real good.

#73 Will Campbell DL:  "Chunky Soup" needs to get refitted to ass whooping shape, will get there eventually!

Well there is our first look at the Defense that will start us towards a championship, whether it is a National Championship, Big Ten Championship, State Championship or County Championship is the big question.  Health and rest by a more productive O will determine this groups legacy!  The talent is there, I expect an OUTSTANDING year from the Wing Tipped Defenders!  Its almost Saturday, Lets Go BLUE!

Here's To You, Mr. Robinson

Okay, first things first.  Megan Fox is single.  That's the only stimulus package this nation needs.

Brian Austin Green has to be on suicide watch.

Adam Rittenburg caught up with new defensive coordinator Greg Robinson as part of his spring practice interview series.  Greg no doubt found a bargin home here in the state of Michigan, he's just having some trouble selling his old home in Syracuse.  Likely story these days.

This is probably a good time to be in the housing market, right?

Greg Robinson: It is. The problem with that is I've got one to sell in Syracuse [laughs]. We're trying to get it all solved.

Ahhhh, fluffingly funny Greg.  Enough with the pleasantries...tell Adam about last year's defense that I am certain you watched extensively on tape, or DVR, or whatever the kids are using these days.

I'm just trying to formulate some opinions as far as athletic ability. I'm not worried so much about scheme and those kinds of things as trying to see how people would fit in what we're doing and what we're attempting to do. That's really what it is, trying to get a feel as best you can of what the talent level is and how you can utilize different people.

Sugar coat much?  Those tapes have got to be making you want to puke.  Or laugh.  Or puke from laughing.  God I hope you are laughing at them.  Laughing at the crap scheme and misuse of players.  You should be thinking overhaul, not tweak.  You should see this.  For me to have confidence in you, you need to see these things.

My other concern is the Rodriguez-Robinson dynamic.  This interview didn't do a whole lot to calm my fears about a guy with Super Bowl rings taking orders from a guy with ten empty fingers.  He made sure to mention his bevy of experience when asked about the 3-4 vs. 4-3 vs. other alignments...

I've done that, really, since I was at the New York Jets to the Denver Broncos to the Kansas City Chiefs to [University of Texas] and at Syracuse, where we have had some hybrid-type players who can play defensive end or linebacker. We'll continue to do those types of things.

Again, just concerned.  If he does take orders, if he does know his role, then his hiring could be a huge.  If he doesn't, we could have a clash, which is what we had last year,and that didn't work out so well.


Michigan welcomed a new defensive coordinator today.  Former Syracuse Head Coach Greg Robinson takes the reins from Scott Schaffer...who is now the defensive coordinator at...wait for it...Syracuse.  Weird.

Scott Schaffer was relieved of his position because he sucked and gave up 100 points per game and he and RichRod didn't see eye to eye.  This isn't about experience, of which Greg has all kinds (and 2 Super Bowl rings).  This is about becoming a "yesman."  I'm supposed to believe that Greg Robinson has decided to become RichRods bitch?  Hmmmm.  Robinson is 12 years his senior, two hunks of gold from the pinnacle of professional football, and has a Masters in Oratory Arts...basically an advanced degree in bullshitting.  They say you can't bullshit a bullshitter, so how are they going to even communicate?  I want to know how this hire happened.  Open interview?  Do they know each other?  What is the connection?  What made Rich Rod think that this was the guy besides a resume that looked a lot better in 2003?

It might sound like I'm angry or disappointed, but I'm not...I'm just curious.  Curious as to why this guy was chosen, and why this guy chose Michigan.  His stint in college football has been less than successful, and he probably could return to the NFL in some capacity without much trouble.  Maybe he, with his amazing oratory skills, just really enjoys the recruiting trail.  I just don't know.  But I'm not supposed to know...not until September 5th.

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Meanwhile, the cagers are in Happy Valley (2.5 point dogs at that!) and they're wearing the golds on the road.  BTN...right now.