Weekend Roundup, I'm Not Dead Yet Edition 10/24/2011

It's after midnight, so it's technically 10/25/2011, and that means you can get yourself a copy of John U. Bacon's opus Three and Out.  Personally, I can't wait to get confirmation that Carr and his clan gave no support to RichRod and company...so I'm heading to Kindle-ville right after this post.  So, the internets....


  • Speaking of Coach Carr, his alma mater...and mine...is heading to the playoffs for the first time in seven years.  They got the Colvin Cup back from Grosse Ile a couple weeks back (listen close to the video and you'll hear me), dismantled Algonac last week, and they host Chelsea this Friday.  So ya, it's me vs. Superfan, Sgt. Wolverine, and the rest of the superhero-clad Michigan fans that are all from Chelsea.  Come say "hi" fellas, I'm the chubby fella in the booth.
  • Michigan basketball comes in at #18 in the preseason rankings.  I soooo desperately want to believe in this team.  Somebody give me something to hang my hat on.  Please?  Well, that ranking puts basketball and football in similar slots in the polls.  AnnArbor.com poses a great question....which team will end up higher when it's all said and done?
  • As I stated last week...Michigan needs to find a way to buck the trend of the last couple years that has Michigan State figuring out the Achilles heel and the rest of the Big Ten copycatting/adjusting so that we don't win another game.  Poop.  AnnArbor.com elaborates on the subject.
  • And the winner of the Best Column Title of the Season award goes to Stephen Nesbitt and the Michigan Daily:  Appreciate the Attitude, Wait on the Aptitude.  Yes, that's what we shall all strive to do.

Losing Sucks, Even at the Prep Level

The Pirates fell to the Red Devils for the second time at home in just 10 days. The first time, it knocked Riverview out of contention for a Huron League title. On Monday, the first round of the district playoffs, it ended their season. If you want to read about it, there is a link here. Be warned, this link is to an article written in the News Herald, which has writers of a skill level just shy of Goody (who still struggles with quiet, quit, and quite). Regardless, congratulations go out to to the Pirates for one of the most exciting seasons in history...there was like 7 overtime games, and I enjoyed every one of them. They played hard, and were in every game they played, win or lose...even against Detroit Renaissance.

What does this have to do with UMTailgate.com? Riverview is my hometown and the hometown of Lloyd Carr. Our own Johnny Cleveland is the head coach. Your's truly does the PA announcing. Oh, and our rival, Grosse Ile, has Ohio State's color scheme and uses Michigan State's fight song. So f*ck them.