Way Back When-sday Pic of the Week Says You've Got a Month

Get it together man. This is it. Summer is over. It’s the most important season in Michigan Football history…again. You have a month.

September 3, 2005: A Luau tailgate before Michigan thrashes Northern Illinois 33-17. More pictures and a recap here.

Way Back When-sday Pic of the Week


September 3, 2005:  The old setup.  The old spot.  Classic Luau tailgate before Michigan knocked off Northern Illinois 33-17 in the home opener.  Jason Avant caught 9 Henne passes for 127 yards.  Game page with some more great pics from the day is here.


Welcome back everyone.  Great tailgate, great atmosphere, great Michigan victory.  Recaps and pictures are available on the game page here, or by following the year by year links at the top of the page.  

See you next week as we honor Gar with the first ever Gar-themed tailgate!  

Central Michigan Luau Tailgate Pictures

Looking at these pics was like being caught up in my own personal version of Memento.  I just ran to the bathroom to check and see if I had anything written on my chest.  And there it was, in black sharpie, written in reverse so that it would be visible in the mirror, it clearly says "Godfather did it" above my right nipple.  Also, what is clear to me from the pictures is that while I was no doubt the most inebriated of the crew, there were quite a few other less-than-sober participants in Saturday's tailgate.  Oh well, the game page is here, and hopefully some of these will spark some great memories of a great tailgate for you too...GO BLUE!

That Was Great, or So I'm Told

Frank and beans. 

Frank and beans. 

Humidity sucks.  Of all the options in the pantheon of atmospheric events and conditions, I rank humidity dead last.  Behind hurricane.  Behind blizzard.  Behind tornado.  I had enough wardrobe changes to facilitate hosting the oscars, manned a grill slinging 63 pounds of hash, 20+ racks of ribs, and a suckling pig.  The tv and satellite found a way to work, the music was playing, and all was well.  But I forgot two very important things... 1) I did not take care of myself...and 2) I didn't watch the Godfather prepare my drinks.  While #2 is just basic sabotage bordering on attempted manslaughter, #1 is all my fault.  I didn't eat anything and I drank only alcohol.  All done.  I crashed not long after noon, wet towel over my head, and the only thing that got me to game #171 of my streak was my wife, who tells me I made quite a scene for those new Freshman arrivals in section 30.  Apparently I was teary-eyed as we ran out and touched the banner.  I made claims of impending BCS championships in the name of my unborn and un-fertilized son.  In short, this was easily the drunkest I have found myself for a home game, and was, in short, the 2007 Rose Bowl without the vomit.

So, about that game?  I remember some things.  Devin ran one in, right?  Oh, he ran two in?  Ok.  Reynolds made a nice catch on a pretty nice ball.  The M defensive front seemed to be about a yard into the backfield on every snap, and the offensive line seemed to push Central's front about two yards downfield on every snap.  I somehow don't remember the blocked punt, which is akin to the Indians not being able to see Columbus's ships.  It's possible it didn't register because I've never seen it before.

Luckily, there are DVRs and torrents and stuff, and I've been able to watch the replay or at least most of it.  Trenches both ways were more than acceptable.  Fitz seemed serviceable, and Derrick Green moved up 4 spots on the depth chart for ND with his better than serviceable mop up duty.  Devin was no world beater, forced a couple here and there.  But he runs so effortlessly it looks freakish.  No doubt it would take 3 to 4 Denard paces to cover the distance of one lengthy Devin Gardner stride.

Anyway, we got what we wanted out of it.  No fear.  No worry.  Young guys played.  Shane got to throw the ball around.  Fun was had.  It was an excellent warm-up for the pending nighttime arrival of the BCS National Runner-Up.  

Great Luau tailgate, and great to see everybody again.  Hey, let's tailgate for 12 hours this Saturday and then go to a football game that ends at midnight.  Yes?  Yes.

And please, do the one thing you would have never thought you would have to do...remind me to eat.