Tuesday Link Festivus: "Sorry Conehead" Edition

Did you know?  Freshman Ryan Mallet will be #2 on the QB depth chart when the Wolverines open play in LESS THAN 24 DAYS.  Wouldn't it be something if in Henne-over-Gutierrez fashion, Ryan Mallet magically started in place of Chad against ASU?  Ya, I call them ASU...it sounds so much better.  Maybe if we use ASU, no one will know that we're playing a D2 school.  (Mallet is backup QB - Detnews.com)  Here's a good quote from Chad:

Ryan has so much potential.  If he develops in the right way in the next four years, he'll be the best to ever come through Michigan.

Sure Chad, you say that now, but 20 years from now when you are coaching at Duke you'll probably be talking trash about our academic standards.  Bonus link..the Ryan Mallet fansite.

When you are looking for big news on the Michigan Football front, look no further than the Coshocton Tribune.  They stole this article from the Toledo Blade, which is just one step above the Heritage Newspaper group.  (Wolverines 'D' has plenty of motivation - Coshocton Tribune)  Included is an interesting quote from Shawn Crable:

Our ultimate goal is to repeat what we did last year.

Uhhhhhh NO.  Add the words "against Notre Dame" to the end of that phrase and I'll accept it.  But last year was every bit as heart wrenching as the previous year.  Let's not repeat anything.  Let's just beat ASU (see...it does sound better) by containing their mobile left handed quarterback that is giving Bubba nightmares, and work from there.

We can rebuild him, we have the technology.  (Bass out for 2007, but he's not giving up - MLive.com)  If he doesn't make it, can we limp him out, Walter Cross style?

Victor Hobson would have no trouble kicking your ass...even if he wasn't a boxer.  (Jets' Hobson is a Knockout on the Field and in the Ring - USA Today)

Did I ever tell you the story about how tailgater T-Bone once dropped a two-point conversion against Country Day that would have put the Riverview Pirates in a playoff game against Tyrone Wheatley?  No?  That's because it's not entirely true.  Anyway, Tyrone has returned to his alma mater to coach a team that hasn't made the playoffs since 1994.  Tyrone will always have a place near and dear to my heart...good luck to him and Dearborn Heights Robichaud.  (Star in Charge: Wheatley takes reigns at Robichaud - Detnews.com)