We Brought Back the Cold War and Had a Cow

Ahhh yes, the 80's.  The decade that brought us such verbal gems as "gag me with a spoon," "shitting bricks," and "fuckin' A" made a strong appearance on our little section of the golf course on Saturday.  The age of the synthesizer rang in our ears and the girls showed up straight from "the valley" as we grilled, ate, drank, and celebrated our first victory of the 2008 campaign.

The tailgate crowd was decidedly smaller than the previous week, but still very large and spirited for a MAC matchup and a Michigan team that pooped themselves in week 1.  We are without a doubt hitting our stride as we head into the Big Ten season.

As I noted yesterday, the matchup with Miami of Ohio had some historical significance as RichRod's first win, but our past contests with the Red Hawks carried some tailgate and Michigan history with them as well.

In 2001, two spry and barely over 30 versions of Bubba and Stephen were already attending their 50th straight Michigan game.  Captain Michigan came out of retirement to leg wrestle his son and Tuba.  We all got our first pair of yellow socks. 

In 2004, we all walked to the game expecting to see Matt Gutierrez under center for the first time.  An injury shrouded in Fort Schembechler secrecy left the reins to true frosh Chad Henne.  Chad would lead the Wolverines to a back-to-back Big Ten title and a trip to the Rose Bowl.