Weekend Roundup: Punter Needed Edition - August 8, 2011


In, "hey you...you're getting old!" news, Stand By Me opened on this date...25 years ago.  I'd like to think that I have the sensibility and courage of Will Wheaton, with the size, stature, and foot speed of the young, chubby Jerry O'Connell.  And screw you for thinking I'm more like the pie eater.  Anyway, an absolute classic with a bunch of cast members that are dead and/or on drugs, as well as ones that landed supermodels and others that starred in 24...though I still think this was Kiefer's best work.

Teddy: This is my age! I'm in the prime of my youth, and I'll only be young once! 
Chris: Yeah, but you're gonna be stupid for the rest of your life. 

Stupid...like our phenom punter is stupid?  Yes.  Looks like Will Hagerup might be channelling his inner Janikowski (who I draft every year BTW) breaking his double secret probation and leaving us with yet another question mark for the season that starts in less than 4 weeks.  And did Darryl Stonum not fully honor his disciplinary duties...or is Brady Hoke just a genius that saw an opportunity to hold on to an extra receiver for next year?  Food for thought.

In investment news, looks like if you've got some extra cash laying around, it may behoove you to buy a suite rather than a savings bond, according to this article in AnnArbor.com.

ESPN says the Wolverines can only improve on defense, and offer my favorite stat from the RichRod era...

In three years -- or 37 games -- under Rodriguez, the Michigan Wolverines allowed 40 points nine times. From 1935 to 2007 -- or 778 games -- the Wolverines allowed 40 points a total of nine times.

GameDay will be here for Notre Dame, and Maize and Blue Nation reminded me that they were here 3 (!) times in 1997.  That's nuts.  This sideshow will be adding to what will no doubt be the biggest circus this town has ever seen.  13 hour tailgate.  Night game.  Gameday.  A Desmond tribute.  Weird uniforms.  Brian Kelly killing people.  Cue Peter Venkman...

Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!

And allow me to add to that shit show....the theme for week two has been voted on by secret ballot, and it is The White Trash Party.  No better day to lounge around in that stained wife beater of yours, drink some High Life, perhaps roast a pig (or a racoon or something) and fight people that have shamrocks on their clothes.  So, once again, for the record:


Speaking of white trash, (segway FTW!) Ohio never ceases to amaze me.  Turns out honoring your fallen coach that was forcibly removed from his job because of his inability to report violations by selling/giving away wristbands to incoming freshman football players may itself be a violation.  (HT:Maize and Brew) So....no more wristbands.  Look for them on Ebay or at a tattoo parlor near you soon though.

Does anybody want to go to Maui?  I really want to go to Maui.  The bracket for the Maui invitational has arrived (via UMHoops), and it fits so nicely in between the Nebraska and Ohio State game, I don't know if I will be able to resist.  Plus, second round rematch with Coach Krizzlecheatypants???  Please.

And some ESPN stuff quickly....Oklahoma is #1, the Big Ten is going to a 9 game schedule (stupid), and a fresh Brady Hoke podcast for your listening pleasure.

Fall camp bitches!