Hawkeye Halloween

Victory From the Jaws of Defeat

Stephen and Bubba remained calm throughout as the Wolverines came back from a 20-7 third quarter defecit to defeat the Iowa Hawkeyes 32-26. It was the smallest tailgate since OSU 2000, as five hungover stragglers stumbled into Iowa City for the game. Click here for the post game recap and pictures.

Just the Good Ol' Boys

Friday's pre-game festivities were located in Chicago, as old friends united for a Halloween party known as "Boo Ya". For $25, guests were loaded up with a buffet of spirits. Mike provided gourmet snacks, and Bizzaro Jerry Sprague provided the music. Most came in costume, from angels and devils to the cast of The Dukes of Hazzrd, and most left drunk. 

Again...I apologize for the brevity...Sparty's up next...