See You In 2005

Goodbye To Joe?
Perhaps in the shadows of the celebration following the game Saturday, a bit of history may have walked off the field. Joe Paterno, one of the greatest college football coaches of all time, may have graced the Big House with his final presence. The Wolverines and Nittany Lions never met before 1993, and they won't meet again now until 2005. The Wolverines hold a 7-3 series lead on Penn State following their 27-24 overtime victory on Saturday, having won the last 6 in a row. Before Michigan's current six-game winning streak, Penn State had not lost six straight in a series since Pittsburgh beat them 10 straight between 1922-31. So we welcomed JoePa into the Big Ten late in his career, and perhaps we send him out, having handed him his worst loss at home (1997), his only shut out at home (2001), and most recently his longest losing streak against one team.

Make Room in the Hall
On Saturday, for the second time in history, new members were inducted into the Hall of Fame. The Madhatter and John Dogan joined the Godfather and Captain Michigan on the flag. In an emotional ceremony, The Madhatter was inducted by the Godfather, and John Dogan was inducted by Capatain Michigan. These gentleman have demonstrated the unique ability to celebrate the passion that is the Michigan Tailgate experience, to celebrate the team on the field in a win or a loss, and to drink beyond the normal capacity for someone in their age group. It is for these reasons that I am proud to welcome these two great men into the Hall of Fame.

On Deck: The Boilermakers


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