Mystique and Mistakes

Return to Glory

I must admit, I was awfully two-faced leading up to the game on Saturday. Driving acoss the state of Michigan, I announced to the passengers in the car that I really was uncomfortable going into Notre Dame. I couldn't help but imagine the stomach turning feeling of the national spotlight shining upon the Wolverines on Sunday. Envisioning not the good spotlight, but that light they shine in the face of suspects in investigation rooms in movies and television shows. It's the light that exposes your weaknesses and eventually forces you to come clean with the truth. The truth is, I have trouble believing that Notre Dame has a better team than Michigan. The truth is, we are making mistakes that are inexcusable. The truth is, the defense isn't as good as we thought it would be. The truth is, John Navarre often looks uncomfortable, overthrows receivers, and in turn makes me uncomfortable. After Saturday, the truth is, it's tough to believe in this team the way you may have believed in them on Friday. The truth is, we were beaten by the Fighting Irish, 25-23 in South Bend, had a short missed (blocked) field goal, got caught for a safety, committed stupid penalties, and got shown up on the national stage. The truth is, our Wolverines have 2 wins and 3 losses in their last 5 games.

Prior to gametime, at tailgate #2 of the day, I changed my tune and got cocky, spouting off about all of the ND fans and their 'Return to Glory' shirts. At this point, I became convinced that we could not lose. I remarked that it is a travesty that a storied program such as ND would have to 'Return'. To 'Return' you have to leave. After this weekend, I can't help but wonder, are we about to leave? No doubt the rest of the country, jealous of our century plus of sucess, are giving us a collective 'don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out'.

An Extravegenza of Tailgating

After having been to the Godfather's pad only a few times before, I went there 3 separate times in two days this weekend. The crew and I had a Friday night midnight snack, a Saturday morning breakfast, and a Saturday evening dinner and drinks. A thousand thanks go to The Godfather and Godmother for their hospitality. All of us enjoyed the trip down memory lane in the Hall of Fame section of the basement, and the video of the initial meeting of Stephen, Bubba and the Godfather's crew that brought us all together. Food, alcohol, memorabilia, and last but not least a fight (not De La Hoya - Vargas, but Pedro - Nick) followed by mailbox baseball without a bat for entertainment. It doesn't get any better than that.

Movin' On Down

The Wolverines fall to #14 from #6 and #7 respectively in the coach's and AP polls. That puts them just behind the Huskies that had a bye week, and just ahead of a Penn State team that manhandled the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the Saturday night game.

Get Pumped Up... It's a Big Game Against, um, Utah?

Utah? Coming off of a controversial loss to Arizona coming on a blown call late in the 4th quarter, the Utes are going to be pissed when they come to town next weekend. At this point, it would be in our best interest not to take anyone lightly. Until we get our collective acts in order, we should worry about every game.


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