Return to Mediocrity

A Sheep In Wolves Clothing

Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish. The gold helmets, the tradition, the team centered play, and the #1 win percentage in the history of college football. In 1887, the Wolverines stopped off on their way to a game with Chicago and showed a group of Notre Dame students how to play football. 116 years later, we showed them again. Ranking as one of the all-time feel-good games along with the pasting of Penn State in State College in 1997, Anthony Carter's miracle in 1979, and Dreisbach to Hayes in 1995, Michigan completely dismantled the Cowering Irish, 38-0.

A Perry Good Time

Talk about him. Get on the bandwagon. Chris Perry rushed for 133 yards, had 44 yards receiving, and scored 4 total touchdowns. He is the nation's leading rusher and the nation's leading scorer. And now, Chris is rapidly becoming the most talked about Wolverine since Charles Woodson. Whether or not Chris can keep up his pace in the coming weeks remains to be seen, but revel in it now... sorry Maurice, there's a new running back that is the sparkle of the media's eye.

Yellow Uniforms?

No time to rest as Michigan heads west, where success has been non-existant since a 1998 Rose Bowl victory. The Wolverines and will head to Eugene for a matchup with with the Oregon Ducks. Luckily, Joey Harrington and Onterrio Smith will be watching on TV.