Big Ten Opener...Yawn

Wins and Losses

What's worse, an uninspired team posting a crappy defeat, or an uninspired and undeserved victory? Well, I'll take the victory every time, but the next time we have a game like the one on Saturday, I'll also take drugs. Comtemplating a nap in the first quarter, I saw four turnovers through the slits of my eyes. Somewhere between a good dream and a nightmare, I wasn't sure that I saw the correct score on the scoreboard given our poor performance. Then Steve Breaston caught a punt, and I was sure he was down, so I went back to sleep, but I was rudly awakened by fans cheering for a touchdown. Thank god for the replay on the scoreboard, or I would have missed it.

The defense looked somewhat efficent, but the offense was mostly stagnant...not to mention the ridiculous turnovers. The back-ups did a great job of making the game look good for the Hoosiers, allowing two touchdowns in the last five minutes as the Wolverines went on to victory 31-17.

Who Are These Guys?

Charlie Whitehurst, Clemson; Joel Klatt, Colorado; Kevin Kolb, Houston; Bruce Gradkowski, Toledo; Aaron Rodgers, California; Alex Smith, Utah; Ingle Martin, Florida; Ryan Hart, Rutgers; Tye Gunn, TCU; Kellen Clemens, Orgeon; Brad Smith, Missouri; Chris Leak, Florida; Matt Leinart, USC; Eric Greenberg, Colorado; Cory Randolph, Wake Forest; Jay Cutler, Vandy


Freshman and Sophomores in the NCAA with better passing effieciency ratings than John Navarre. They represent 16 of the 61 quarterbacks that are better than Navarre in this category. Only Indiana's Matt LoVecchio, Northwestern's Brett Basanez, and Penn State's Zach Mills are worse in the Big Ten.

Hell Week

At Iowa. At Minnesota. Seven days with 34 hours of land travel. I can't promise solid updates during this period, but I will do my best to keep you posted on the activities of the tailgate.