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Notre Dame / 8pm / Theme: Catfish, Smoke, and Pickles

They say you can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning, so yes, this tailgate will start in the morning.  It's gonna be a long one.  Frydaddy Frank left me a voicemail that said Reuben Egg Rolls will be making a triumphant comeback.  I'm not sure if he was drunk, but I plan to hold him to it.  That will be lunch I think.  Dinner will have a fried catfish component and a moment of silence for Lennay Kukua.   Also, I'm really in to this cookbook by Edward Lee.  He has this restaurant in Louisville where he adds Asian influences to Southern cooking.  I'm not saying that there's going to be any Asian influenced Southern food, and I guess I'm also not saying that there's not.  What I am saying is that the name of the book is Smoke and Pickles, which I find to be a novel concept.  There will be some smoked stuff (smoked brisket breakfast hash?)  and some pickled stuff (fried pickles?, bloody marys?).

Anyway, bring your invisible girlfriend and come on down.  We'll be there from dawn til dusk til dawn.  


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