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Indiana - The Old School / Italian

One of our favorite themes appears once again.  Bring your yearbooks, old photos, varsity jackets, and your leather high school helmet as we reminisce about a better time, like when you could bring a grocery bag full of alcohol into the stadium without getting a second look.

Italian breakfast hash will start our day, and perhaps a few yards of polenta covered in sausage and peppers for lunch...all depends on kickoff time.

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Penn State - The BBQ

We're having this game at night so we can keep an eye on all the Penn State coaches after it gets dark.  I swear that's my last joke.

All day...all night...three meals.  With a theme as simple as BBQ, I figured we can do almost anything, up to and including a full piggy, but we'll see.

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Minnesota - The Greek

So, if you couldn't make your own friends in college and instead paid to have people pretend to like you because you shoved a salt shaker up your butt and drank a gallon of whole milk while standing in a kiddie pool of ice water, you might think this theme is for you and your fratastic or sorostitute friends....but it's not.  We're talking Greek like gyros and Zorba's Coney Island.  Wear your weird letter shirt with a popped collar if you want, but you're just going to get lamb grease all over it.

Expect copious amounts of hash browns for breakfast and feta cheese covered things for lunch.

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Utah - The 90's Tailgate

It's difficult to admit this, but it's time.  I mean, we had 80's parties in the early 00's, and here we are over 10 years later.  It's time to celebrate grunge, inappropriate relationships with interns, and a decade full of Michigan kicking the crap out of John Cooper's Buckeyes.  And it will be a "Celebration of Food" on the menu with delicious Mexican delights inspired by the 90's greatest eating establishment, Chi-Chi's.

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Miami of Ohio - The Luau

Typically the Luau opens our season, but superstitions of having the same theme for The Horror rematch shifted this one to home game number two.  All the better, as a 3:30PM kick allows for pig, pig, and more pig.  Leis, Hawaiian shirts, fake palm trees, and pineapple stuff.  You know the drill for this one.

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Appalachian State - Theme: The Dave Brandon

  • Pioneer High School Rd Ann Arbor, MI, 48103 United States

It's the opener we've all been waiting for.  If I could choose to remember one moment from the last 7 years of Michigan Football decline, it would no doubt be the game that started it all with the Mountaineers.  

So let's gather together to honor the man that scheduled this great rematch, and remember that we were ranked #5 in the country going in to that faithful day in 2007, and we haven't been ranked that high since.

Dave Brandon wore #24, and I can only hope that someone in the athletic department (like maybe Dave Brandon) comes up with a legends patch and that it is bestowed on the guy that cleans the shitters in the visiting locker room.

The tailgate will feature fireworks, first come - first served seating regardless of how long you've been tailgating, and each square yard of standing space will cost you $700...but only if you made the $800 donation.

Pizza and wings will be the featured menu items, an ode to Dave's masterful rebuilding of Domino's.