The Cheeseheads Fall Again

The End of the Home Campaign

The chilly air couldn't kill the festive mood as the family met at home for the final time this season. This year's home tailgates were easily the best in's short history, breaking attendance, alcohol, and food preparation records. Thanks to everyone that attended and participated throughout the year.

On the field, the Wolverines struggled, blowing a 14-point lead for the second straight week, this time by turning the ball over and giving up a punt return for a touchdown. But the defense prevailed in the 2nd half, not allowing the Badgers to cross the goal line, and Michigan prevailed, 21-14.

The Banquet

Following the game the crew all headed to Damon's Grill for the yearly banquet, celebrating several tailgater birthdays, another successful year of tailgating, and another successful year of Michigan football.