It's Great To Be A Michigan Wolverine

And it's even better not to be a Spartan. Just when the Spartans had seemed to hit rock bottom, the Wolverines dug the hole a little deeper and stuffed them in it. Not since 1947 had the Spartans endured such a beating. The Maize and Blue racked up seven unanswered touchdowns on way to a 49-3 thrashing of Michigan State in front of the 3rd largest crowd in college football history. No extra second, no bad call in the endzone, no controversy whatsoever, just annihilation.

Rivalry games seem to bring out the best in teams. It's a test of heart, of 'who wants it more?'. Rivalry games make miracles happen. The most downtrodden teams have the opportunity to change their seasons. Coaches can save (or lose) their jobs. Players look accross the line and see people they played with and against in high school. Bragging rights are on the line. Players come to play. That's what makes this win so amazing. After disappointing their fans and being labeled 'underachieving talent', after being a dark horse National Champion pick only to be clinging to a chance at a bowl bid, and after their quarterback was suspended for substance abuse, what did the Spartans do? Nothing. They sat back and watched. They quit...and I love it. It's time to talk trash to your Sparty friends. Give it to them good...for a full year. Remind them that if you totalled up all the points Michigan State has won by in their 8 victories since 1978, you would come up with a total of forty-six points, the same differential that Michigan racked up in sixty-minutes.

The Pros and Cahns of Tailgating

The last two tailgates have been amazing. The amount of food, drinks, and people is increasing weekly despite the chill in the air. On Saturday, we were graced with the presence of Joe Cahn, the Commisioner of Tailgating. Amazingly, we had prepared a sausage and cheese chowder recipe off of his website, He enjoyed a bowl of chowder and chatted with us about tailgating techniques. On Sunday, CBS This Morning ran a story on Joe, following him for a weekend in Pennsylvania. As it aired, he was tailgating with Lions fans at Ford Field, completing his weekend in Michigan. Thanks to The Commissioner for stopping by and for the Tailgating America apron. It will be worn with pride.