Let the Debate Begin

Unhealthy Addictions

I can't stop playing NCAA 2003 for the X-Box. It has become a serious problem. In anticipation of the coming season, and because I can't bear to watch the Colorado game on ESPN Classic anymore, I have actually watched the computer play itself on several occasions. The realism is ridiculous, and JJ (soon to be nicknamed The Firestarter) and I have often bet on the games being played. Upon being greeted by Lloyd Carr saying "It's in the game." when I started up this afternoon, I felt the fantasy world and the real world were coming dangerously close.

Sound ridiculous? It is. But the college football and tailgating season is supposed to be ridiculous. Come one, come all, and live a fantasy life with your surrogate family. Don't worry, they're all alcoholics, so you'll fit right in. Throw all your cares aside, except for one. Rest your laurals in the hands of a group of 18-24 year old amazingly conditioned atheletes wearing the most recognizable uniforms in all of sport, and plan your Sundays accordingly, for sulking or celebrating, but know that the family will return the following week to do it all again.

The Simulated 2002 Overview

So, in an attempt to make a season preview without my Michigan tilted mind involved, I used the NCAA 2003 for the X-Box. First, let's look at the the final season rankings up to Michigan after all of the games were simulated.

1. Texas

2. Florida

3. Miami

4. Oklahoma

5. Oregon

6. Utah (yes, Utah)


8. Ohio State

9. Florida State

10. Marshall

11. LSU

12. Michigan

Texas wins the National Championship, beating Miami in the Fiesta Bowl. Florida QB Rex Grossman wins the Heisman, throwing for 4587 yards and 51 TDs....thats alot of friggin' TDs.

Michigan's game by game analysis will come week by week as the season progresses, but Michigan will end the season with 10 wins, and 3 losses. Michigan earned a bid to the BCS, and travelled to New Orleans for the Nokia Sugar Bowl. They reached as high as #4 in both polls during the season.


John Navarre completed just over 50% of his passes (157/302) throwing for 2216 yards with 18 TDs and 13 INTs. Spencer Brinton received limited action, going 24/42 with 1 TD and 1 INT. Ronald Bellamy caught the bulk of the receptions, with 660 yards and 8 TDs.

Chris Perry leads the team with 979 yards rushing and 11 TDs. BJ Askew came in with 439 yards and 6 TDs.

Defensively, Marlin Jackson lead the team with 6 INTs and 2 defensive touchdowns. Victor Hobson lead the team in tackles with 61.

On the special teams front, Philip Brabbs went 15/22 on field goals, his longest being a 44 yarder.

Summing Up

What does this all mean? Well, considering the lackluster output by the offense, the defense must have stepped up and scored some points as well as giving Michigan some solid field position. That may be the story on the field this year. However, I would hate to weather those 13 interceptions given up by John Navarre. So there it is, the season in review...er, uh...preview. Whatever, August 31 is coming up awfully quick, so I will have to set down the controller, and pick up my mug. Note to Godfather: Bring enough Coke.

Next week: Washington preview


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