Viva Las Vegas

A stellar weekend with stellar company. Five people headed to sin city, including the Webmaster, Bloomfield, Cindy, Lisa, and newcomer Alpa. It was the weekend of VIP rooms, five-star restaurants, and casino comps, as the dangerous combination of two gamblers and three tantalizing vixens became an unstoppable force in a world where it's not what you know, but who you know...and who you can convince that they should know you.

We started our first night in Ghostbar, a gathering of the west side's finest talent, set on the 55th floor of The Palms casino. Only the amazing view overlooking the entire strip from a unique side angle could match the scantily clad patrons. We moved from Ghostbar down to Rain, also in The Palms, where the girls manipulated their way into VIP status, taking yours truly along for the ride. We looked down upon the entire club from a private suite with free drinks and free women flowing throughout the evening.

Night two took us to Light, an exclusive club in the swank Belaggio casino. Again the girls used their "assets" to get us through the line and into the bar, where easily the best hip-hop DJ of the weekend spun all of our favorites. At around 4am, we split up for a while, and after a short run-in with the LVPD, I met up with Cindy at Drais, the number one after hours bar in town, for a few more drinks. Cindy and I maneuvered our way in on a table (a priceless thing to be sitting at in Las Vegas). After running into a few of the suite-holders from the previous night, known as Matt and Matt B, they stamped me with the monniker Mr. Vegas. Thinking that was enough for the night, I trekked back to our temporary home at the Luxor at 6am, waking Bloomfield up to take the 2nd shift.

Night three was our last night together, and unfortunately it came to an early end when Ra, the club in our hotel, gave my VIP pass the run-around because a special appearence by DJ skribble caused a line around the block. Though we still got inside, the techno beat was not our style, and the night ended early.

On the other side of the night life was the day life. The girls tanned by the pool, while Bloomfield and I spent most of our time playing high-limit blackjack, quickly earning comps, private access to VIP lounges, and executive suite restrooms. Without citing specifics (tax purposes..hee hee) we both came out on top. Capping off what is known as Vegas perfection... getting your comps and winning too.

Special thanks to the girls, Bloomfield, and Amanda Volkert for making Memorial Day weekend a memorable one.