Time to Mess With Texas

The most all-time victories, the highest winning percentage in the history of college football, the richest tradition, and the most conference titles...for any team in any conference. But 18-17 in bowl games, and 8-10 in the Rose Bowl. It's our kryptonite, our proverbial achilles heal. Great season after great season, and just short of half of them ending in a loss. Unacceptable.

And now we are headed for what many see as certain doom. Michigan is said to be outmanned, and enter their 9th consecutive New Year's Day bowl as 6-point underdogs.

The worst part about it? From Thanksgiving to Christmas, you haven't really cared. Shame on you. The pundits claim that the 2nd best team in the Big 12 is nearly a touchdown better than the best team in the Big Ten, and you seem to just be waiting around for Vince Young and Cedric Benson to run all over us.

It's time to wake up. The importance of this contest has ramifications that will stick with Michigan for years to come. This is the Rose Bowl, and everybody will be watching. If the Wolverines are tamed and fold up shop, the message will reverberate yet again that Michigan is always good but never great.

We cannot afford to let this happen again.

So when the Wolverines take the field on January 1st, they're going to need everything they have, including you, to pull off the upset. Put on some yellow socks, don a jersey, and cheer Michigan on to a monumental victory.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Go Blue!