It's Like Stealing

Two For the Road

It was another beautiful gameday, this time in the quiet neighborhood of Evanston, Illinois. The only sounds to be heard were the flames of propane, the migrating birds, and 500 watts of The Victors blasted throughout the parking lot.We arrived early for the night game...very early. The first in the lot, and perhaps the only tailgate anywhere in Evanston to have a tent popped up, soup simmering, and cheesy potatoes shoveling into our gullets by 10:30am. We again came full force with gallons of soup and beef sandwiches with all of the necessary accompaniments. It was a few hours before we saw another soul, and that was just fine with us. The TV played Ohio State-Minnesota and Penn State-Purdue as we shoveled bowl after bowl into our faces with our official tailgate song "You're the Best" playing in the background. It took until 4:30pm for the police to try to cite us for disturbing the peace, and it was around 8:30pm when Wildcat fans wanted to cite the Wolverines for disturbing their season.

Michigan jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first few minutes of the game, and held it despite the fact that a Northwestern Hail Mary was answered to end the first half. That half ending touchdown would be the last points scored by the Wildcats who couldn't find an answer for the Woodley-less Michigan defense. Even without Mike Hart, Michigan racked up 253 yards on the ground, and with Rivas's four field goals, there was nothing Northwestern could do. It was all about momentum on Saturday, and nothing could stop it. So it goes with the season. The Wolverines have momentum going into their last two games. The bye week will give the banged up players time to heal for the home stretch and the attempt at a third consecutive Big Ten championship.

Take A Week Off

The Wolverines need it. You need it. I NEED IT. Take the week off, watch some football, and take a long weekend nap. We'll see you all back at "the corner" in a couple weeks. A reminder that the theme for Indiana is Italian Kitchen...and our banquet follows. Drop me an email if you plan to attend the banquet. ( I need to give a rough count to Damon's soon.