Hail to the Victors!!!

So the tailgate was about half as big as the previous week, with the weather and the opponent being a factor...but we were just as spirited. The tables were once again overflowing with food, and the shelters in one week went from shading us from the sun to protecting us from the rain. We grilled, we deep fried, we ate, and we drank...hitting that mid-season-like stride before we head out on the road next week. As a special treat, the Godfather's daughter, affectionately known as "the Princess", celebrated her 23rd birthday by sharing a big bucket of yucca. It was prepared by some of the newcomers under the strict supervision of the Godfather himself.

It was a relaxing tailgate, right up until the small crew from WTKA 1050 AM showed up with the coveted tailgate of the week trophy. We schmoozed the crew, introduced them to the Godfather, gave them our weekly newsletter, and gawked at the trophy. They went off to look at some other tailgates, but returned just before game time to present us with the weekly award. We will be recognized on the WTKA website this week, and will face off later in the season against some other tailgates for the "Tailgate of the Year". Like we needed another reason to be fired up for Saturdays?

Congratulations go out to all of the tailgaters of UMTailgate.com for earning this prestigious award!

Eastern Makes You Sleepy

The tailgaters got tired from counting all of those points. Michigan completely dismantled the Eagles of Eastern, scoring a school record 28 points in the first quarter en route to a 55-0 victory. Hart got the week off to tend to his injury, and most of the starters got to watch their friends take their shots at the Eagles for the second half. It was just what the doctor ordered for the banged up Wolverines going into Big Ten play.

On the Road...Next Week's Theme

Next Week's theme for the game in Madison is UMTailgate.com Diner / Deli. Think burgers, cheesesteaks (I think I'm brining these), sub sandwiches, etc.