Gators Take Title, Woods Takes Prize

First of all, I guess I should congratulate each and every one of our participants in the 6th annual tournament challenge. Only 25 people had any team in the final four, 2 of which had 2 of the final one with even 3. Only 2 people had either UCLA or Florida in the final game. And for the first time in tournament pool history, no one picked the champion. No one. Way to go.

But it was an odd tournament. Several unexpected teams were given a bid, and most quickly proved that they belonged. It was easily the most exciting set of NCAA tournament games that I can remember. There were very few blowouts, that is until the last three games, all of which left something a little something to be desired. In the end it was the SEC that outshined the superpowers of the Big Ten and the Big East, getting two teams into the Final Four, and getting the honor of the crowned champion in the Florida Gators.

Three of us did make our way to Indianapolis, the Circle City, and were able to partake in the offerings of Seven, Jermaine Oneal's swanky nightclub on the north side of town. We imbibed with the who's who of college basketball, rubbing elbows with JJ Redick and Adam Morrisson, and enjoying the 3am last call time.

Another successful NCAA Tournament Challenge and Final Four trip for to our winners:

1st Place: Don Woods, infrequent tailgater and co-worker of the Webmaster (pictured above)
2nd Place: Nick Strok, frequent tailgater and the best hands in the Huron League
3rd Place: Craig Vargo, horrible Buckeye slappy that refuses to admit that 2002s and 2004s football victories over Michigan should be vacated due to ineligible players

Less than two weeks until the Spring Game...who's in?