Students on the Move, Band on the Run

If you were previously unaware, the Michigan student section (the one in the corner with the maize shirts) is not the only student section. Once filled, the University issues tickets (to the late registrants, johnny-come-lately grad students, and anyone else that doesn't fit in the corner) to the south endzone. And I know what I'm taliking about, I personally got to experience this "land of the outcasts" in my seventh senior year. Well, apparently now all of the student sections will be united in one, giant, maize corner. Super. But wait, were not quite done with musical chairs in the Big House. The band is on the move as well, to a position directly across the field, directly in front of the student section. I guess this is the way it's done in most other venues, so it probably works. But the band will take up some significant space. No word yet on how this will interfere with my attempt to garner seats in the freshman student section for the 13th consecutive season.

In other news...ESBS (Everyday should be Saturday) is previewing week 3. That's right, a preview of games that will be occuring on Sept 16th. That of course means Michigan vs. Notre Dame is on the slate, so there is an in-depth preview metaphor of the matchup. See if you agree with this:

Playing Michigan is like fighting a blind Kodiak bear with mittens on; you can get your shots in, run, outwit it, and still end up losing strictly because the bear won't give up. Or you can shoot it dead on first sight with the right tools. Miss, and you're in deep, deep trouble, though.

Really? What about when you miss, but then the bear paints a target on its head and hands you a box of bullets in the 4th quarter?