You've Gone and Done It Now!

by Tuba

They said it just for me. They knew I had just turned on the tv, I know they did. I can accept criticism but I can not accept a lack of respect. Whether it puts the University of Michigan in a better position by being disrespected, if that's what it takes to get motivated...well I guess I can accept that. But you should never need motivation to play the game of football. You should never need motivation to knock the head off of your opponent. And you should never let people disrespect you. If they do...KNOCK THEIR HEAD OFF! My friends, I have been disrespected...

These sons of bitches on the tv have just uttered that Notre Dames' two toughest games in September will be @ Georgia Tech and @ Michigan State. In a little game that ESPN likes to play called "fact or fiction," both Lee Corso and Herb Alpert stated that Notre Dame will still be in the National Championship hunt after the month of September. I have no problem with that my friends, but to then qualify this by saying their two toughest games will be on the road?! 'Dem are fightin' words right there son!

I swear every year I say "I haven't felt like this since '97." (I'm sure that's not really true seeing that we had John Navarre at quarterback for four years but...) Regardless, I am in true form this year my friends. In March of 1998 I was talking trash to Ohio State hockey fans...In August of 2006, there is no cap on how far I will go. And seeing as there are only three days left in August we are all fairly safe. But I will not accept being disrespected. I will not tolerate a lack of passion for this team. I will not accept pesimism this year. We have the same caveat as to every title contender...If we stay healthy...we won't lose.

Now I've gone and done it haven't I! This talk disturbs some I know, but I'm mad damn it and I'm not going to take it any more. And neither should any of you. Do your part to represent your team. Leave it on the field. I don't want to see another post about the lack of heart of the Michigan fans. It starts here. It starts now. Do the damn thing!