Buckeye Get Rich or Buckeye Die Tryin'

Hey, you know it's gotta be good when it's Clarett...and it's gotta be better when the breaking morning college football news comes from CNN. It seems ol' Mo made an illegal U-turn on the east side of Columbus, and instead of pulling over, sped away from those that protect and serve the partially toothless. It took road spikes to get him to pull over. But wait, it gets better...

Why was Clarett avoiding being pulled over? Well, he's currently awaiting trial on two counts of aggravated robbery...and because he had four loaded guns and a bullet proof vest on. Not joking. No sir. You know, when Clarett got busted back in January, I just thought that it was some kind of drug induced hijinx. But now, you have got to deduce that the pride of the Buckeyes is into some serious shit. Is he a hitman?

Here's the link from CNN.

There's only one thing I'm certain of, he's no liar. Do you think this will this effect his status with the imaginary football league?

Just some great early morning Buckeye fun.