Still Dreaming

by Tuba

There wasn't any question from my co-workers this weekend as to which school I attended. (Not that there had ever been any question) Needless to say I was fired up before kickoff and through the entire game. Pints of PBR kept me company as I tried to pop in on the graphic designer, on-line editor and audio engineer. Believe it or not, MLB Gamers 2006 presented by Holiday Inn aired without incident on ESPN Tuesday night and I'm thankful for that.

I still carry the Notre Dame victory in my back pocket but realize a bigger test lies ahead. The Big Ten season will certainly provide it's challenges and for that I am excited. But what started as a dream in late August has know become an ever nearing reality three weeks into the season.

Saturday is game two of five. Follow my math? We get to play four of the five teams that beat us last year and Wisconsin is Big Ten foe number one in more than one way. Thankfully my work schedule has provided me the opportunity to attend my second tailgate of the season and enjoy the last week of the baseball season in a state that has seen the sport revived. I still like the Twins but the Tigers will make the playoffs, don't fret! It will obviously be a decided advantage to them however to win the division, avoiding the Yankees in the first round and also having home field advantage. It's good to see Zumaya back in action and with a front line of Bonderman, Verlander and Rogers the Tigers will still be a tough out. Despite the recent struggles of Bonderman (excluding Wednesday nights game) and Verlander, Kenny Rogers has been in playoff form (or at least the form one would like to see him in, in the playoffs). But the health of Zumaya and the success of the offense will play the biggest role in how far the Tigers are able to go. I fear the Yankees offense to be insurmountable but crazier things have happened. (See Oak/LA 1988) My best to the Tigers and may our big ten opener be a success!