The Most Important News...EVER.

I usually don't use this platform for discussion of events not pertaining to Michigan or sports in general, but the news today is so amazing, so groundbreaking, and so profound, that it may unite and define a generation. Not only that, but it may effect the next Fast Food Theme tailgate....


A link to the article is here.

Once you're done digesting that information, check out this "Chat With Matt" courtesy of Idaho State via MLive.

Life in Idaho has been great for me. I've been able to enjoy the many natural beauties in this area, and of course, the highlight has been finally being able to play football on Saturdays.

Nice. I envision a "wink wink" on that "beauties" line. Matt is trying to tell you that the drop off in playing D2 ball from playing D1 ball is equivalent to the increase in good looking chicks from Michigan to Idaho.