One Last Saturday

Freezing temps. 4:15am wake up call. In line at 5:45am. In a folding chair staking claim on the 7th hole green at 6am. Gates open at 7am. Tailgate.

It was a truly amazing turnout for a game with limited tickets and freezing rain in the forecast.

The tables were once again filled, this time with amazing Mexican themed recipes. Thanks to all that brought food, drinks, etc.

In lieu of a banquet, Godfather presented the yearly tailgate awards at the tailgate. There were so many awards given out, there was just no cataloging them individually. But everyone looks forward to the coveted birdhouse award, this year given to the most improved tailgater. This year's winner was Greg Bush. Greg, who is also known as "Greg not Craig," really stepped up his participation this year, and became an integral part of our tailgate. Thanks and congrats to Greg.