I'm Going to Disneyland

With all that holiday time off, I had so many plans. Multiple postings about the assistant coaching situation, the Capital One Bowl, recruiting...all in my head, but never came to fruition. Ah well. Hope it was relaxing for all of you as it was for me. This will no doubt be the busiest offseason for Michigan news we have ever had, so there are no plans for month-long lapses between posts. Plus, hockey looks to be something special, and basketball...well, they look to be something "special needs." Excitement either way.

Anyway, we're off to Orlando in the morning, and there will be a game to talk about when we get back. And while the only surprise we can truly hope for is to not look like completely inept idiots, there is always a chance at a miracle...right? Perhaps when we return we can have a season in review and a holiday roundup to get us all caught up before we start getting the troops together to rally behind Les Miles. Oh, and for those waiting patiently for the tailgate season in review video...it is in progress, and as usual, it's ridiculous. We're aiming for Groundhog Day shipping of the much anticipated masterpiece.

Happy New Year and GO BLUE!