Blue Cagers Maintain A Little Dignity; Winter (Spring) Reunion Date Official

So, it's tough to look past what took place last night, as I rarely miss an opportunity to take a jab at Sparty. Michigan beat Michigan State 67-56, splitting the series with them for the second year in a row. But given the status of the abomination that is Michigan Wolverine basketball, you might not have known, or even noticed. The front of the Free Press sports page contains only a small blurb, and it's a negative one at that. It seems like only yesterday (OK, more like the early to mid 90's) that this game was front page material on a local level and sometimes even a national level. Quite frankly, other than holding serve over the half-wits around my office, I myself care very little. This program cannot be fixed by a single win, or even a winning streak. Not today. Not on Saturday against Ohio State.

Saturday will be senior night, and the Michigan faithful will gather to pay homage to a group of young men whose talent and skill set has only regressed over their time here. What will really hit home for me is the end of the career of Courtney Sims. 

Big Ten Basketball Guru "The Wonk" remarks:
I don't know that I've ever seen a situation quite like the Sims case. Here's a senior who started the first game of his freshman year and has more or less started ever since. And he's benched in the February of his final season. Wow.

Ya, wow. The fact is, every year there was a story about Courtney's off-season. "Courtney put on 35 pounds of muscle to get tougher." "Courtney lost weight to get quicker." "Courtney went to big man camp." "Courtney joined a cult." "Courtney grew a pencil-thin mustache." In the end, Courtney played like, a Courtney. I feel like I've been bitching about him for ten years. And it's probably not all his fault. However, I don't think a coach can stop you from being a girl. It's in the genes.

Anyway, we've got Saturday against #1, then the Big Ten tourney starting next Thursday. A win Saturday plus a win in the tourney, and we just might find ourselves in the NCAA Tournament. Any other scenario (aside from a Big Ten tournament championship) will land us in the NIT. Either way, without significant improvement, next year could be the last tour of duty for Amaker's Army, a "don't ask, don't tell" type of organization.

Winter (Spring) Reunion

The official date has been set for the 2007 Winter Reunion. It will be Saturday, March 31, at Fraser's Pub in Ann Arbor. Join us for food, drinks, and to meet Goody's next wife. Festivities will start at 1:30pm, and roll all the way thru the Final Four games. Hope to see you there.