10 Things You Might Not Know About the Next 5 Months

10) Wisconsin will lose this weekend to Washington State. And on the off chance that they don't, Wisconsin will lose to Iowa in their Big Ten opener. They might lose both. In either case, there will be a mass scramble by the media to remind you that the Big Ten sucks.

9) Michigan's Offense will not be as spectacular as advertised. Michigan's defense will not be as horrible as advertised.

8) The Wolverines will have two players in the top 5 in the Heisman voting in December.

7) Iowa not having to play Michigan is equally important as Michigan not having to play Iowa.

6) A player from Ohio State will be kicked off the team for something shady that involves boosters, money, cars, or flack jackets and hatchets.

5) An Ohio State fan will be dumb enough to buy Mike Tyson's poop. He will then be retarded enough to throw it at a random Michigan fan after the game on November 17th.

4) Defense will cease to win championships.

3) If the Wolverines are undefeated for the month of September, then they will also be undefeated at the end of November.

2) Michigan's toughest game in the Big Ten will be in Champaign, Illinois.

1) The Wolverines will play in New Orleans in January...whether it's on the 1st or the 7th, we'll have to wait and see.