Donald and the Gang Kicked Our Ass

39-7 deserves no analysis, and the Michigan Wolverines no longer deserve your attention. They now owe you for your patronage, for time spent worrying, for believing they could come back from the worst home loss in history. Instead they handed you the most lopsided loss since 1968. That's before Bo people. And now, after Bo's unfortunate passing, we have yet to win. Four losses in a row. Two consecutive home losses to start the season. And while brief relief may be coming our way next week in the form of Notre Dame (and I stress MAY) there are still enough roadblocks ahead to now bring a new phrase into your vocabulary: "Bowl Eligible."

Find me six wins in the remainder of this schedule.

OK, find me two wins in the remainder of this schedule. Other than our new born rivalry in the battle for Washtenaw County, nothing is even near a guarantee.

In a year where every game box score is going to be followed with the tagline: "the first time since 1950," it would be no surprise if we were home for Christmas and New Year's for the first time since 1976.

Tailgating continues at the corner of Stadium and Main. Our group performance is significantly outdoing the on-field performance of the Maize and Blue. Three fried turkeys deep and all the trimmings. Missing from the action this weekend were Johnny Cleveland and new tailgater KT. They went and saw a top 10 team that is taking care of business, leaving me to load-unload by myself. I am both pissed and jealous. KT did miss out on the new tailgater's rolling of the lemons ceremony for this year's edition of yucca...maybe we can do it again. Yes, we may need multiple yuccas to get through this season.