Henne Out for ND...Welcome Ryan Mallet to Our Nightmare

I've never really spent a lot of time reading Jim Carty, but Jesus H. Christ, he really loves Michigan Football. He isn't just writing fluff pieces, he is a real life fluffer...he's fluffing the shit out of us. I'm literally uncomfortable talking about it. I feel dirty. Let's look at the titles of his last few article titles...all written in the wake of the "season on the brink" :

And while I scoff at his blind love, and can't help but appreciate it, just a little bit. There's certainly something to be said for loyalty here. Through thick and thin...for richer or for poorer...and what not.

But there needs to be a change. And I'm scared of it...and there's a part of you that's scared too. We are Michigan. We fear change. We don't want Noah's Arcade coming in here and screwing up Wayne's World.

Imagine if Bo hadn't retired in the early 90's due to deteriorating health and he continued to coach, you know, like JoPa. The results would have probably been basically the same over the past 17 years. Maybe a little better, maybe a little worse. What we, the Michigan fans, and the scrutinizing public are calling for, is the firing of Bo, or at least Bo's legacy. He built this program in the modern era. He, even after his passing, is still your coach. So yes, the prospect is a bit scary.

No doubt, the game has passed by our antiquated Michigan system. But we've skated through. We've always been good (or at least serviceable). So there has been no urgency for a revamped system. But now...now we are not good. The bubble has burst. We are the only Big Ten team without the taste of victory. Our rival has our number. So, do you give Lloyd one last chance to change it, just to keep it in the family? Or do you finally break this family up and go back to 1969?

Does Lloyd want that chance?

All tough questions. Certainly a much tougher decision than choosing to boo a group of innocent 20 year olds...or chanting "Fire Lloyd"...or pining for the benching of your 4-year starter at quarterback, then for all intents and purposes cheering his injury. BTW...as if you didn't know, Mallet is staring on Saturday. Shame on you...you know better. So suck it up. I'm not saying you have to like it, but your character will be better if you do more than just endure it. Ten more weeks, then maybe a bowl game...and then we can answer all the questions...

...or just simply bring on Chucky.