The Hammer: I'll Keep It Simple

I'm glad to see our website and message board maintain some of the dignity in which this institution was founded on. (Even if we've lost a little bit of it on the field). The most unflattering trait in a person is dishonesty. And what permeates from many in our fan base is the John Kerryish flip flopping of their loyalty. And if your booing and calls for Rich Rodriguez's job are defended by your definition of loyalty you need to check out Webster's online dictionary. I hear one side of the argument yell "with the talent Michigan gets how can we be 2-4" and the other side of the argument yell back in an echo "where's all the talent we used to have." You're ping ponging your impatience and your petulance across the internet and my inbox. Does your pride lack inflation? Do you not like the taste of humble pie? Is your instant gratification quotient not filled by the general saturation of sports and their television broadcasters? Are you embarrassed? Or simply losing bets? What is it that makes you stand up and boo? The fact that Lloyd Carr and Mike DeBord would have done better with this team?!

This is the first pancake in the batch my friends. No one eats the first pancake. And if you keep this up you're not getting any.