How many times is too many when it comes to watching M v. UW 2008?  I think the line should be drawn at once per day, though I have watched the game in its entirety and chased it with a replay of the second half, but don't tell anybody.  It's been fun.  But the truth is that despite the amazing game that featured an amazing comeback, and the media's coining of this as a signature win for the program, there is still A LOT of things wrong.  There are still A LOT of questions.  We are four games in, and you don't know much about the 2008 Wolverines aside from that you shouldn't leave a game early that features a Barwis-trained team no matter what the score is.  In short, the heart is there.  The conditioning is there.  The passion is there.  These kids want to play for THIS coach, which is significant at this early stage in RichRod's tenure.  But none of that manifests talent where talent is lacking.  Threet is learning and improving...but he will never be Pat White.  The line is leaning and improving...but they will never be last year's left side.

The truth?  We stole that game.  Beating the #9 (overrated) Badgers was big, and unlikely.  And make no mistake, beating Illinois would be just as big, and is just as unlikely.  While everything you saw looked and felt like turning the corner on to the highway of Big Ten championships, it was really just a u-turn.  On Saturday, we have to go back and do it all over again.  That's the hard truth.  The easy truth?  Looks like it might be fun to watch, which is a far cry from what you thought it was going to be after 6 quarters and 11 turnovers.