Theme Alert! Banquet Alert! Soups and Stews!

We say goodbye to the seniors, and then we say goodbye to eachother.  Saturday's tailgate theme, perfectly appropriate with the weather forecast, is Soups and Stews.  The patented sausage and cheese chowder will make an appearance.  Tailgating note:  The Grill has been moved to storage, so burner space will be limited.  If you are bringing a soup or stew, you might also want to dust off your portable stove.

It will be a very long layoff with no bowl game, so we will have our annual post game banquet.  Drop me a note if you plan to attend.  Those "in the know" know where it will be.  You can also drop me a note if you think you need to be added to those that are "in the know."  Confused?  Me too.

See you Saturday for morning darkness with a side of flurries!