Remember, Remember, the 22nd of November.

"Yes, sir, it's finally here: Meeee-chigan versus Ohio State in football. Twenty minutes until blast off, as two of the oldest rivals in the Big Ten square off in The Game of the Day, The Game of the Year, The Game of the Decade. ... Call it what you will, it promises to be 2½ hours of some of the most exciting football in the 104-year history of man's inhumanity to man.'' - Bob Ufer

The day they came to bury Michigan,
All wrapped in Maize and Blue.
The words were said, 
The prayers were read, 
And everybody cried.
But when they closed the coffin, 
There was someone else inside! 
Oh, the Buckeyes came to bury the Wolverines, 
But Michigan wasn't dead! 
And when the game was over, 
It was someone else instead! 
Twenty-two Michigan Wolverines
Put on the gloves of grey,
And as Revelli played 'The Victors',
They laid Woody Hayes away!