The Top 10 Things To Forget About 2008

Let's all just pretend that 2008 didn't happen.  Seriously, it's only one year.  Everybody else does it.  Everybody has their delusions.  Ohio State contends that the 12 years that John Cooper made the calls for the Buckeyes never happened, and ignores the fact that the 2002 National Championship was won with an ineligible Maurice Clarrett.  Michigan State Basketball warps the time-space continuum between 1979 and 1999, pretending that their 2 (yes, just 2) National Championships were nearly back-to-back, despite the 20 years and only three trips to the round of 16 during that period.  They also imagine that they are a Big Ten contender in football, despite having less championships the Northwestern Wildcats and the University of Chicago (defunct in 1939).  Hell, Notre Dame has been pretending to be relevant since 1993.

So, ya, let's just sweep all this crap under the rug....

10.  3/14/08: Michigan Basketball defeated Iowa in the first round of the Big Ten tournament back in March.  They followed it up with 34 TOTAL POINTS on 10 of 50 from the floor in a second round loss to Wisconsin (51-34).

9.  3/19/08: Terelle Pryor, on the heels of magically appearing Corvettes and giant watches, committed to Ohio State.

8.  9/13/08: In a downpour, Michigan fumbled seven times in a 35-17 loss in South Bend to Notre Dame.

7.  10/4/08: Michigan gives up 45 points (45-20) on homecoming to an Illinois team that went 5-7 on the year.

6.  8/21/08: Before Beaver committed and decommitted, and before Tate became the lone QB commit (to date), there was Kevin Newsome...  Who committed in the Spring and decommitted before he got to see the Wolverines even play a game under RichRod.  Newsome has since pledged his fleeting loyalty to JoePa.

5.  4/10/2008:  Michigan Hockey fell in the Frozen Four semi-final to Notre Freakin' Dame.

4.  4/12/2008:  Michigan has an "invite only" Spring Game at Ann Arbor Saline High School that requires climbing trees and walls to get a glimpse.  I really hope they're working on this for this year.

3.  11/15/2008:  Michigan falls to Northwestern 21-14 in a driving, freezing rain.  In addition, the crowd of approximately 30,000 literally laughs as an attendance of 107,856 is announced.

2.  11/22/2008:  The sounds of (Penn State's patented, and Buckeye stolen) Zombie Nation adorns kickoff after kickoff in a 28-0 second half as Ohio State never calls off the dogs in a 42-7 drubbing in Columbus.

1.  10/11/2008:  Michigan falls to Toledo 13-10.  Toledo only had two other wins (Eastern and Miami of Ohio) and fired their coach before the end of the season.