Will There Ever Be A Day...

...when teams rush the court after knocking us off? Maybe. For now we bask in the glory of defeating the Buckeyes at SOMETHING. It's the first win over OSU in the Thad Matta era. For those that don't follow Columbus coaching changes, we last beat them in 2004.

The students and fans took to the floor. The act of a desperate fan base? Maybe a little. Ohio State WAS unranked. But hey, we are in the midst of baby steps here....so back off. Just to reiterate some of the same feelings from after the Iowa game, our best case scenario for this team is not to be completely embarrassed by them. A three-game winning streak is a good place to start. DeShawn Sims and Manny Harris combined for 49, including 21-24 from the free throw line. That's our future right there. Cue Beilein:

The way we have climbed out of it and put together a nice winning streak lately shows the kind of poise and character that this team is comprised of. We have had a lot of players step up recently that have made this winning streak even possible.

Poise...check. Character...check. Talent?

They really didn't look like freshman out there," Beilein said. "I think both of their clutch performances today show you how much they have grown as basketball players this year. They were cool, calm and collected and hit clutch free throws."

OK, so we're learning...we're growing. Time for the stretch run, and before you completely count the upstart Wolverines out, remember that there is a reason they call it March Madness.