Where Would the DL Be Without Michigan Basketball?

The Freep is all over Michigan Basketball this week, and rightfully so I suppose. It started Tuesday morning with a sports section cover page and an article title with the crafty alliteration "woeful Wolverines." At the time, with Michigan having won 4 out of their last 5, I was pretty pissed about the article. Of course, the cagers took my blind support and flushed it right down the toilet that night by losing to Northwestern at Crisler. And here comes the Freep, getting their entire creative team together to come up with "Purple Reigns As Wolverines Fall to Northwestern." Ya, I think I saw that headline after A-Train's fumble in 2000.

Anyway, last week it was Air Georgia. This week, it's Courtney Sims.

Courtney has signed with the Iowa Energy. Submitted for your ironic approval...having a man that played throughout his college career with what could only be classified as a distinct lack of energy, now playing for a team called The Energy. Former Iowa Hawkeye Jeff Horner is also on the team, and if you are looking for a solid one liner that describes the state of the game in the NBDL, I think it would be this:

Wednesday, March 19th is Jeff Horner bobblehead giveaway night.

No, no, maybe it's this:

Thursday, March 27 is $1 beer night with hypnotist Tom Silver.

You can't make this shit up.