We're Out of the Running For Pryor? Fit to Print?

Varsity Blue uncovered an article in the Madison Capital Times entitled "Pryor Down to Ohio State, Penn State." Phil Fritz, who is on the recruiting beat for the Badgers, seems to have no sources that back up the title of his article. He found it necessary in this article about Pryor to say that Rodriguez has "offended the entire conference" with his recruiting tactics. He also seems to have thinning white hair, a heavily wrinkled face, and a general crypt-keeper-like appearance.

Varsity Blue also points out that he is dumb, which may also be true.

While I believe deep down that we really are out of the running, I don't believe that Phil Fritz knows any more than you or I on the subject. It's difficult for me to believe that Captain Droopy Nuts has the inside track on Terrelle Pryor.