Adieu Ron Coleman, I Wish You Were Ron Coleman

There was a time when I hated you Ron Coleman, now I only loathe you. Back when you were a Sophomore, I was a season ticket holder for basketball. You were a chucker then, and I watched as you failed to improve as your career progressed. I watched as we had to "move in a different direction" from your former Romulus teammate Jerret Smith. I watched your stats taper off in your senior year. Sure, you were injured. Sure, it was a new system...and you were the lone senior. Maybe that's not fair, maybe we should count David Merritt, whose best basketball stat is that in his Freshman and Sophomore years he didn't play basketball but was on the Dean's list. That Dean was most likely Mrs. Amaker, which is probably how he made the team last year. Anyway Ron, I expected some leadership out of you. I expected more minutes. I expected, well, too much I guess.

I wanted you to be remembered Ron. But it was not to be. You haven't even managed to be the best Ron Coleman. That's right Ron Coleman, I am saying that you are no Ron Coleman. Take Big Ron Coleman for example, he's an 8-time Mr. Olympia. Ron Coleman mining is a successful purveyor of quartz in Arkansas. Ron, you don't even know what a cichlid is. Meanwhile Dr. Ron Coleman is living his life among the cichlids, unlocking the secrets of evolution. I really wish you were the Ron Coleman that writes for one of my favorite blogs, RightWingNews, at least then I could respect your ideals.

Michigan closed out the 07-08 campaign and Ron Coleman's Crisler career by playing exactly the way they have played all year. Outplay the opponent for the majority of the game, shit the bed for 3-4 minutes, turn the ball over 20+ times, and lose by around 10. The cliche of the "score not being indicative of the game" should be attached to every contest that involves this team. Michigan did fall 72-58 to Purdue at Crisler, and it wasn't for lack of effort from Epke Udoh. Udoh was all over the place, and it was obvious that he had something to prove. The announcers recognized it, the fans recognized it, and Beilein recognized it. At the end of the game, Udoh was the only player that had the right to say this:

We always come out and play hard," said Michigan's Ekpe Udoh. "We just don't play hard the whole 40."

Don't I know it. Make me a liar and an idiot and make a little noise this weekend fellas...please.