Get Your 'Vette On: University of Ohio State Signs Pryor to One-Year Deal

As you know, the entire lot of recruited high school athletes make their decisions known on national signing day, which this year fell on February 8th. Terrelle Pryor did not, and opted to hold out for the free agent signing period. The free agent signing period is a little known part of the recruitment process. In fact, this is the first year of free agency in college athletics, and it only involved four suitors, Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, and Oregon...and one player, Terrelle Pryor. Terrelle had a difficult decision to make.

After careful deliberation, Terrelle chose the University of Ohio State. Congratulations to Terrelle on choosing a future filled with embarrassmentNCAA sanctions, and ultimately...incarceration. Take a second, go to this website, and type in "Clarett" for the last name...enjoy.

Am I bitter? Maybe.

Just want Terrelle to know, the friend of my enemy is my enemy. F*ck him for ever making me give a sh*t.