No Apologies From RR

Jim Carty, fresh off a diatribe about athletics and academics at Michigan that stirred up about 1/10th of the attention he thought it would, scored a phone interview with RR. A year ago, we would have likely gone on without any rebuttal from our coach. Actually, a year ago, Lloyd would have probably banned Jim Carty from University property and not accepted his phone call. Not the case anymore.

Don't mess with the family Justin:

My players and my coaches are my family. They're coached that way.

But we're not going to apologize for being demanding. We told that to the players. We also told them our job is to take them some place they can't take themselves, on the field and off the field, and I think the majority of our players understand that."

There's lots more worthwhile quotes in the article, check it out here.Also, MVictors provides audio of RR on Jim Rome today, which was hosted by the Sklar brothers.

One last thing...if the information provided here comes to fruition, I...I just don't know what to say.