You Want Less, Not Moore

OK, quick, fully ripped post for this Friday night...

With the regular season swan song coming for Michigan Basketball this Sunday, I would like to point you to two posts about former Michigan Basketball player Josh Moore. Josh played basketball here. Yes, I know you don't remember him. That's because he was the worst 7-footer in the history of the NCAA. First, the total picture from UMHoops,highlighted by this:

Moore clearly feels that he did not get a clear shot at Michigan, which I suppose is fair. Even though the academic issues surrounding Moore’s career are plentiful he never really did get a shot on the court. Then again he was brought in with an era of Ellerbee that can be described as nothing short of a nightmare.

and this...

Moore has plenty of thoughts and brings up some interesting points. While they have flaws of their own Moore's blog is worth a read for any Michigan fan that wants to reminisce about the glory gloomy days of the Ellerbee era or even just get Moore's opinions on the Rich Rodriguez hire.

No offense UMHoops, but I would rather get opinions on the Rich Rodriguez hire from...well....anyone other than Josh Moore. Josh is a first class dick, and an enemy of the program. This is outlined in the following quote, which is also quoted on UMHoops:

The biggest mistake I ever made in my life was attending the scandal filled, divided, cesspool known as the University of Michigan and I have no problem with publicly saying that.

The biggest divided cesspool that has ever existed is the one that resides between Josh's legs. For more commentary of this nature, I direct you to 

Michigan Against the World...
Under the handle "Big J," Moore discusses his experiences at Michigan and is really quite bitter. Well, the feeling is mutual Josh, because you sucked. You didn't just suck, you FUCKING sucked. In fact, you and Avery Queen taking the court at the same time was basically the only proof ever needed that suck does indeed come in all shapes and sizes.


OK. As if Shaq as your cousin isn't a big enough claim to wannabe-fame, Moore is really calling Glen Rice "my former teammate?" Rice was a Clipper for 3 months in 2003-04, when Moore technically was a Clipper, spending the entire season on IR before being shitcanned for sucking.

Shitcanned. Love it.