Get This "Guy" to Appear At Our Tailgate

My passion for a good plate of grub is immeasurable.  So it should come as no surprise to you that I am a huge fan of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network.  I only discovered it about 6 months ago, and I am currently running out of space on my DVR because I can't bring myself to delete any of the episodes.  If you haven't seen the show, I recommend checking it out.  Every time I watch it, I get five new ideas for tailgate food.  Each foray into towns both small and large epitomizes everything I want in a dining experience:  homestyle cooking, fast service, a deep fryer, and some dirt on the floor.

The host, Guy Fieri, has pretty much the greatest job on the planet, going from restaurant to restaurant sampling the food and chatting up the ownership.  Guy recently made a stop at a Chicagoland area restaurant that gets its supplies from none other than our own FryDaddy Frank.  FryDaddy got a hold of Guy's ear and dropped a shameless plug for, who we are, what we do, and that Guy should stop by.  Guy got pretty fired up about the idea and there was an exchange of business cards.  Without a doubt, Guy wants to come to our tailgate.  I'm thinking there's a chance he might be involved in something this fall that is tailgate related.  No doubt he's the perfect guy for a show that checks out sporting event tailgates.  The problem is...Guy doesn't get to make those decisions.  This is where you come in...

Guy told FryDaddy to get the whole crew to send emails to the DDD producers.  So if you are a UMTailgate regular, an occasional stopper-byer, or a one-timer, drop a note to  Tell them what we do, tell them what you've seen, and tell them it would be perfect for Guy to stop by for the Patriotic Themed Tailgate on August 30th.

Quoting FryDaddy:

Guy told me that if enough of us send these people an email, he is very confident that we would be the first of many trips to tailgates for his show.

Ya, well, that would be f'n ridiculous.  But hey, where else would you start?  I mean, we are The Professionals with a "complex game plan.  It certainly "doesn't get any better than us."

Anyway, help us out! If nothing else, maybe it will get Gar some people at his tent from our tailgate overflow.  Thanks in advance.  Once again, it's