The Tailgate Wins Again

There are times when we joke that the tailgate outshined the performance on the field.  Saturday, that would've been an understatement.  But that's not a fair comparison.  Twelve freshman saw the field for the Maize and Blue on Saturday...10 men and women over the age of fifty helped set up tents and cooked some food.  Our experience is unparalleled.  Hell, we've even had a website for 9 seasons, and we're pretty sure John Dogan fought in World War I.  So hey, when I tell you that our tailgate kicked ass and was led by a dream I've had for 10 years of sporting over 100,000 BTUs of grilling power...I mean it.

Our group's first All-American tailgate went off well, with Old Glory taking center stage lining the tents and adorning the chests of our tailgaters.  We had a good old fashioned American barbeque pot luck, and the participation levels, the amount of food, and the amount of people were all estimated as UMTailgate records.