There's a Rumor...

...being bantered about at MGoBlog and Maizenbrew courtesy of Rivals.  It is about the defensive coordinator names "making the rounds."

In short, it's about Jim Herrmann.

Per ususal, the Freep picks it up, because they get most of their news from MGoBlog, and spits out a title like "U-M Could Bring Back Jim Herrmann."  Sure, they could.  Michigan could also bring back Larry Harrison, swinging dick and all.  Brian poops quickly on the idea of the retread DC...

Of course, everyone's first reaction to Jim Herrmann is "aigh!" Then everyone thinks about the 2005 season and doubles down on "aigh!" And then, no doubt, this will all be put behind us shortly. Herrmann makes no sense in a number of ways.

By number of ways, I think Brian means a big number, like a really big the kind of number you need look up the name of.

What everyone is not realizing here is that Jim Herrmann is a fairly common name.  Perhaps they don't mean the Jim Herrmann whose entire career manifested through the riding of the coattails of Charles Woodson...

In fact, I would like to put my support behind this Jim Hermann for defensive coordinator.  He's been selling and negotiating for 17 years, which will make him a recruiter to be reckoned with.  He has also received a 5 star rating based on 39 votes.  But don't ask me, scroll down to see what Kari Johnson says:

Jim was awesome to work with... a great negotiator, very proactive, knowledgeable, honest, and down-to-earth just to mention a few. There isnÂ’t anything he could have done to make the experience any better. I will definitely recommend Jim to my friends.

Hopefully, this will all pass quickly.  Meanwhile, hunker down in the cold weather by making yourself a Bacon and Cheese Roll.  Seriously, what project have you ever taken on that has a first step that reads: "Weave Bacon."  Chase that greasy goodness with some beers...shotgun style.  Repeat as necessary.

Stay warm kids...@ Champaign tomorrow, 8:30pm, BTN.  Get'er done.