They're Being Groomed in Other Places

Let me preface this by saying that Rich Rodriguez is our head football coach.  My loyalty to his system is as of now unbreakable.  My admiration of his out-of-state recruiting increases with every commit.  There are those of you that would like to see him go after his first, and unfathomly horrible, season.  There are those that are even actively rooting against him.  Patience people, patience.

Plus, don't worry, if the worst were to happen, like, let's say 3-9 again...we do have some insurance.

With the break up of Lloyd Carr's staff, Michigan coaches are popping up everywhere, getting the same, or in many cases, better positions on other teams.  Former players are also finding themselves in high level positions.  Seems like, indirectly, everybody is lining up for the Michigan Football head coaching job.

  • Ron English, by way of an extensive search led by Lloyd Carr, went from Louisville Defensive Coordinator to Head Coach of Eastern Michigan.  This afternoon, former running back (and my favorite all-time Wolverine) Tyrone Wheatley was added as an assistant.  He joins former lineman Kurt Anderson, and former undergrad assistant Tom Burpee.

  • Mike DeBord, former assistant, is the assistant o-line coach for the Seattle Seahawks.

  • Jim Harbaugh, despite his remarks about Michigan academia, is waiting in the wings at Stanford.

  • Brady Hoke, who led Ball State to their best season ever, has moved to warmer pastures, and is now the head coach of San Diego State.  He leaves behind Stan Parrish to lead Ball State.  Both Brady and Stan are former Michigan assistants under Lloyd.

  • Jim Herrmann is currently the linebackers coach for the New York Jets, where he coaches former Michigan linebacker castoff David Bowens.

  • Les Miles was an assistant under Bo, and is the head coach of the LSU Tigers...he he.

  • Scott Loeffler, former assistant, was recently hired as the quarterbacks coach of the Florida Gators.

  • Terry Malone, former assistant, is the tight ends coach for the New Orleans Saints.

  • Early 90's safety Corwin Brown is the defensive coordinator for Notre Dame.

  • Late 70's middle guard Mike Trgovac has been the DC for the Carolina Panthers since 2002.

  • Cam Cameron, assistant under Bo and Mo, is the offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens.

I'm sure I missed a few too...  If you think of any, leave them in the comments.